Things Landscape Business Owners Can Buy This Independence Day Sale

As America gets ready to celebrate the declaration of independence, there is a buzz in the air! Fireworks, parades, picnics, we’re sure everyone’s getting ready to celebrate this glorious day with friends and family. This can also be an occasion for landscape owners to get something that they’ve always wanted.

Weber grill

Buying The Best Grill For Your Holiday

Whether you like to grill in your backyard or with your team, there are plenty of grill options available with great sale offers. If you are looking to buy a big Weber grill, you can get $200 OFF on it right now!

protective gear

Safety Equipment
Your team of landscapers have a  tough outdoor job that involves a lot of physical work. And, we know you want to provide your team with the best gear to keep them safe in the field. This sale period is a great opportunity to restock your worn-out gear or cross-check your list of safety gear and make sure you have everyone well-protected.. The basic safety equipment to buy are high visibility vests, gloves, cones, goggles, and ear muffs or earplugs. Consider buying multiple  types of gloves – washable synthetic ones, cotton gloves coated with latex, and leather gloves. Each one helps you do your job better and be safe at the same time.

landscape measurement software

Landscape Measurement Software

You could also subscribe to the latest software that measures landscaping features for you. Attentive is one such software which can automatically measure all features of a property, be it beds, lawns, driveways, trees etc. using AI technology. This web-based platform can even be used on the go, like on an iPad/ laptop during on-site visits. This is the ideal time to start bidding for the snow season, which means going back to the pain of measuring properties manually or sitting for hours  drawing polygons. Our  Independence Day sale gives you the best opportunity to buy automated property measurement software and make your life easier!

Ford pick up truck

Latest Ford Truck

This is one of the best times to buy the toughest truck out there to help you get through all terrains and carry all your landscaping equipment. With the demand for used trucks at an all-time high, it’s a great time to add fresh trucks to your fleet!  

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