True Automation is Finally Here for Landscaping Estimation

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That word automation.

What comes to mind when you hear it used?

Faster? No doubt.

Simpler? Maybe.

Time saving, to which can be attached other benefits? For sure.

Some might say “An end to manual processes”.

Let’s explore that thought in more depth.

By definition, a manual process requires a human to be involved in every step. Think assembling furniture. Shoveling snow. Laying sod.

Automation, in contrast, does not require a human at every step. Simply press a button and the task is completed.

The actual word automation was first used in Ancient Greece around 762 BC. The term became more widely used in the 1940’s with the growth of the automobile industry.

Its use related to the increased number of automatic devices and controls in mechanized production lines.

Today those production lines are now run largely by robots.

The landscaping industry has experienced its own drive towards automation. That includes smart sprinkler controllers, robotic lawn care equipment, and automated chemical application equipment.

Oddly, one of the most significant challenges still faced by the industry is arguably the simplest: the measurement process.

Whether it be for winter snow clearance or summer landscaping, property measurement remains an important, very time-consuming manual task.

Usually the measurement process begins with the bid process: or the initial cost estimate of a project. But it does not end there.

Once a bid has been won, measurement remains an important and ongoing task.

Laying sod, for example, requires very accurate measurements; to avoid over- or under- ordering.

The measurement process commonly involves tape measures and guestimates. Physical measurement of the property is conducted on-site, in combination with rough estimates for those harder to reach areas.

If anything is forgotten or missed, additional trips out to the property are required.

Landscaping companies have shared with us that measuring is one of their least favourite tasks: a time-consuming, painfully manual process.

Computer technology has helped a little with measuring. Most notably Google Maps and Google Earth. Measurement tools are now provided within these applications which allow property measurements to be done, and estimates completed.

It’s true that this method can help cut down on the trips needed to properties, but the process itself is largely manual. Estimators are required to draw lines on property images to make their measurements.

As with all manual tasks, that can be both time consuming and lack accuracy.

Other weaknesses to this approach include old, outdated property images, and obstructions such as vegetation preventing a view of the ground for measurement.

At last this is all about to change. 2021 brings with it exciting news for those tired of the manual measurement process.

Recent advances in technology means that the measurement process is finally about to become fully automated. That promise of: ‘Simply press a button and the task is completed’ is about to become a reality.

Attentive is the first fully automated measurement tool on the market targeted at the landscaping industry. Simply type in an address, and Attentive automatically calculates the dimensions of any property: commercial, residential, Industrial, Homeowner’s Associations, Golf Courses, Military Bases, Airports, Cemeteries etc.

That can include sidewalks, lawns, beds, parking lots and more.

property image with all the measurements falcon extracted

Attentive produces a site map which shows those areas which have been automatically measured, and tabulates their individual lengths and areas.

This output can exported in any of the three available formats: JPEG, PDF, Excel.That means faster customer bids to beat your competition.

Attentive is also super accurate, that puts an end to guestimates. The result: improved bids, and no more overestimating or underestimating the amount of materials needed for a job, the labor and equipment required.

The beauty of Attentive is its simplicity.

No longer do estimators need to spend hours on-site with a tape measure.

No more hard-to-use measuring tools applied to property photos.

Generate estimates in minutes not hours, at the press of a button.

Attentive is here to revolutionise the estimation process.

Estimators will be more productive, and experience fewer estimation headaches. While company owners will be able to bid on more jobs, and win more business.

To sign up for a free trial today, click here.

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