Our Four Year Journey

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On this day, four years ago, we started on a journey. Our mission took time to solidify and has evolved over time and is now fairly clear: Helping Outdoor Services Businesses grow, by democratizing access to technology.
I want to share my takeaways from this wonderful four-year-long journey. I want it to inspire people to take upon challenging adventures of starting their own companies, growing their brainchild.
As Reid Hoffman said, “An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff, and builds a plane on his way down.”


Ever since we started, we have experienced everything from struggles, to failures, to successes, all of which has brought us to this point. Every experience has been a learning in disguise, shaping us to be who we are today.

At Attentive, we constantly strive to build a product that delights, that has a deep impact on our customer’s lives. We focus relentlessly on our customers and the problems they face, and what we build is centered around solving these problems effectively.
We are shaping the future of the outdoor services industry, which comprises lawn care, landscaping and other green business verticals.

We started out building a product to enable accurate property measurements, which would help landscapers generate more revenue, reduce manual efforts and utilize their time better. We have just gotten started. Our end goal is to bring revolutionary technology like this to a very fragmented industry, comprising over 100,000 small businesses, catering to their every need.

With rapid adoption of our first product within the landscaping community, I am filled with gratitude & pride, our product is now touching the lives of hundreds of people in the landscaping industry across the United States.
There’s a lot more that is in the works. There is a lot that needs to be built to truly provide democratic access to revolutionary technology to this industry.
With this post, I am announcing our monthly newsletter. It aims to equip landscapers with the best resources and guidelines on the latest technology, enables them to follow best practices and makes their work easier.
Hope you will tag along for the ride.

Written by: Shiva Dhawan, CEO, Attentive AI

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