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5 Most Important Things to do if You’ve Just Started Your Snow Management Business

Do you operate your landscaping or lawn care maintenance business round the clock for months? But then winters bring in the snow and you’re left facing a lull period? Well, it’s time to make the most out of winters by building a thriving snow business. Most residential and commercial landscaping businesses witness a dip in…
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Steer Clear of These “Practical” Estimation Tips to Better Run Your Business

If you are in the landscaping industry, then you are well aware that measuring sites is critical to preparing estimates. In many cases,  this can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to measuring large commercial sites or HoAs because there are so many site features that need to be captured.  Within the industry,…
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Customize Your Auto-Generated Property Measurement With Our Easy Toolbar

Now that you have learned how to measure a commercial property with Attentive, let’s dive into the next step: editing the auto-generated output. How to Edit The Output as Per Your Requirement? Once Attentive is done measuring the property, you will see all the results in the measurement output panel on the left.  If you…
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Measuring a commercial property with Attentive

Measuring a commercial property used to be very labor and time intensive, but not anymore.  With Attentive, you can measure a 400 acre (17 million sq ft) property in just 3 clicks! Giving you the opportunity to fully automate the property measurement step in your estimation process. This means you get to save upto 90%…
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How Landscapers can win more business with Artificial Intelligence

John runs a successful landscaping business in the Midwest. He has a loyal staff, most of whom have been with him since the business began in 1995.  John’s firm provides winter and summer landscaping services to both commercial and residential property owners. The company has built a reputation in their area of operation for the…
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Acquire more business this snow season with instant property measurement

This snow season, beat your competition by providing instant quotes for your snow removing services.

Lawn Measurements Simplified to Win Customers

In this day and age, generating a quote for landscape maintenance work shouldn’t take forever.  Yet, many contractors take 2 to 3 business days or more to come up with a bid for a new project. Let’s discuss how this is hurting your business and how you can fix it.  Why do you need to…
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Auto Landscape Measurements to Win Customer Trust

Autonomous Landscape Measurements help to bid for landscaping projects with greater responsiveness through reduced turnaorund time and accurate data

From Property Measurement Tools to Data Services

Property measurement tools have many disadvantages and hence switching to measurement data services like MapX is essential for Landscapers. Learn how to make a smooth transition.

Lawn Measurements Made Easy

Learn how you can do lawn measurements remotely using AI without any drafting, scaling limitations or manual errors with the help of MapX