How Landscapers can win more business with Artificial Intelligence

workers measuring a lawn manually

John runs a successful landscaping business in the Midwest. He has a loyal staff, most of whom have been with him since the business began in 1995. 

John’s firm provides winter and summer landscaping services to both commercial and residential property owners. The company has built a reputation in their area of operation for the excellence of the services they provide. 

With so many years in operation John was happy with how his firm operated: “We have ironed out most of the kinks”. 

When pressed on what kinks remain in place, John was quick to respond:

“Measurement and estimation are still a challenge. This is a time-consuming mix of manual processes and guesstimates” 

John’s story is like many others in the landscaping world. The manual aspect of the estimation process remains problematic.

Through our conversations, we learned that John does not use any of the software tools currently available to landscaping firms. 

We wondered why. 

John shared that he had explored various options, but had no interest in, as he described, bloated, confusing, expensive business management software: “We run a tight ship, we are comfortable with the business processes we have in place”.

When asked specifically about the challenges of estimation, John shared:

“I’d love to find a better way to do measurements and create estimates. We’ve tried Google Maps. We’ve also had trials of a number of vendor solutions which claim to be fast, accurate and automatic. When it comes to estimation nothing could be further from the truth”. We found this fascinating and pushed John on the weaknesses of these solutions. John shared: “Our challenge with the estimation process is that it is manual. That means we have to physically use a tape measure on-site. Google Maps and other software vendor solutions come with their own set of issues. Sometimes the satellite image is too old or sometimes the property is very unclear. We want to get away from the manual side of the measurement portion of the estimation process which is repetitive and time consuming”.

John and others shared with us many of the challenges of the manual measurement process.

Time was the biggest complaint levelled at this process. Physical measurements or drawing on property images in Google Maps/Google Earth simply took too long. 

Conversations like these led to the development of Attentive: the first application on the market which  is easy to use, yet capable of fully automating  the measurement process.

Once we knew we were on to something, we got John and a few other landscapes on board to test out Attentive. 

For John this meant being able to get the measurements of a property within 3 clicks! 

Now all John has to do is type in an address. From there, Attentive automatically calculated the dimensions of all key elements of any property: hedges, beds, trees, lawn, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots etc. – Simple, Easy and Fast.

This really impressed John and the rest of our beta users. They loved the simplicity, speed and accuracy of the tool. 

They also emphasized how critical fast and accurate measurements were to the quotation process and to ensuring a quick turnaround on the proposal to the customer. 

All our beta users thought this efficient turnaround would help them to win many more bids and minimize the man-hours spent on measurements.

Built using state-of-the-art new AI technology, Attentive is the first of its kind. A tool which will revolutionise the landscaping industry. 

With a click of a button, the measurement process automatically completes in minutes. All it needs is the property address! 

If you are like John, tired of the time it takes to create estimates, and are looking for a solution- register your interest today.

We will be launching in three weeks, and all registrants will get access to a free trial to evaluate the product on a few properties of their own.

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