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We’re excited!  

Starting today, Attentive AI is going to be Attentive. We not only have a new name, and logo but also a new vision and mission to drive us forward

Steadily growing in the geospatial AI space since 2017, we have had the opportunity to interact and partner with businesses across industry verticals, giving us the opportunity to reflect on everything we stand for and everything we aspire to be.

Our journey introduced us to the outdoor service industry and we came to know the increasing amount of challenges being faced by upwards of 600,000 businesses in the US alone. 

We have the conviction and belief that this is where Attentive can create the maximum impact, and that is why we have decided to focus all our attention on it. 

Over the past 2 years, I have interacted with hundreds of outdoor service professionals, primarily working across commercial landscaping, lawn-care, pest control, irrigation and snow removal.

My biggest takeaway from these conversations was that even though these business owners were extremely ambitious, the industry itself has structural roadblocks that hinder the growth of their businesses.

From marketing to conversion to on-site execution, there are big inefficiencies that make scaling an outdoor services business difficult. 

On further analysis, it was evident that the businesses were being run through minimal or no use of software and technology solutions.

Low penetration of tech products surprised me, until I realised that incumbent tech products in this industry are complex, built exclusively for large organisations, requiring substantial investment, and intensive employee training & ramp up.

For e.g. something as simple as estimation needed extensive manpower and training on complex tools. 

To put things into perspective, there are ~600,000 outdoor service businesses in the USA, today. Out of which <0.1% businesses are large businesses (>$10 mn in revenue). The remaining 99.9% businesses are underserved, who have rarely been able to expand beyond their local area of operation. 

At Attentive, we will be working to equip a typical outdoor business owner with the right tools and technologies to achieve true automation across critical business processes.

In short, we are democratising access to the best technology to every outdoor service professional.

What the Attentive logo stands for

For us, customers have always come first. So our name and logo has been changed keeping them in mind.

Even though AI (Artificial Intelligence) is at the core of our tech “secret sauce”, we have dropped it from our name as we want to focus on what we bring to the table, and not how we bring it.

Our new logo has been designed keeping in mind the lush green outdoors; symbolic of the industry our customers represent. 


Currently, running an outdoor business involves a lot of mundane and time consuming tasks. 

This is precious time that can be spent on growing your business and delighting your customers.

As a business owner, I believe your focus should be on the 3 P’s or the 3 Pillars as described by Ben Horowitz in his book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things.

The most important mantra that he talks about is, “to run a fast growing business, your focus needs to be on people, product and profit, and in that order.” 

That is exactly how we plan to help you, bringing in technology to make you more attentive towards your people, product and profit.  

We are on a journey to accelerate a better future for outdoor businesses. Hope you’ll tag along for the ride.

Onwards and upwards.

Shiva Dhawan

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