Automation Revolution in the Landscaping Industry

“Perhaps we should all stop for a moment and focus not only on making our AI better and more successful but also on the benefit of humanity.” Stephen Hawking (2017). 

Well, we couldn’t agree more! At the end of the day, the advent of AI and automation’s aim should be for the greater good of the people. And it has been. There’s so much around us we owe to the new technologies.  Automation has brought about a change in different industries, be it consumer goods, food, transport, and more. A change for the better. A change to make the processes simpler, easier, cost & time effective and even eco-friendly  in some cases.
So, why shouldn’t the landscape industry benefit from it as well? 

From workforce management, to marketing, scheduling, fleet management, measuring the properties —the industry is still held back by multiple, tiring manual processes. But here’s the point- it won’t  be for long. The green industry is on the brink of an automation revolution and this is the right time you should dive in, or get left behind in the wake of others getting ahead!

Read on to know how automation is the solution we have been waiting for in the landscape maintenance industry. 

Robotic Mowers

If you’re only using zero-turn ride-on mowers, well then, it’s time you thank your stars! Because right now is the era of robot mowers. If you’re a commercial landscaping business owner, or working in upper management, you’d surely know how quality labor is in short supply. Getting additional help from robotic mowers will ensure you don’t compromise on the jobs you execute due to a shortage of labor.

A robotic mower not only reduces costs to the tune of 10-15%, but also ensures that your maintenance crew can complete all the required tasks within the budgeted hours of their job.
Additionally, low carbon footprint, no fuel spots on the grass, ability to mow even in the places unsafe for crew to reach – there are enough and more reasons that make Robo-mowers worth your while. There are some amazing  brands out there you can take your pick from – Robin Autopilot, Worx, Husqvarna & Robomow.

Landscaping Design Software 

If you are running or managing a landscaping business, you already know how automation has completely revolutionized the landscape design process. Landscape design software makes it easier and faster for your teams  to churn out highly precise and professional looking landscape designs. Apart from saving time & cost, some of these softwares really give your team the flexibility to change, edit, and improve designs with a quick turnaround. 
From multi-slide presentations to 3D models & VR experience, Landscape Design software solutions are also helping close more sales, providing an immersive and collaborative experience to the clients.

One of the main benefits that a design software will give you is accurate plans. This will lead to accurate estimations and give you a much better view of the costs and crew needed. Vectorworks Landmark, AutoDesk, DynaScape, Lands Design and PRO Landscape are some of the design software solutions you should explore. Of course, you’ve got to do your due diligence and pick the one depending on your degree of automation needs and budget.

Software Based Automation of Logistical Processes

We get it. Running the logistics of a commercial landscape management business is no easy feat! So much scheduling, fleet management, and other logistical issues are involved, which would definitely drive you crazy if you try to do it all on your own. Which is why you need help with software based automation of such tedious processes. From fleet tracking software to software solutions available for scheduling, routing, GPS tracking and more, now looks like a great time to be in this industry.

Fleet tracking software like Fleetio, Onfleet, Samsara, Fleetx- they all have their own peculiar advantages and you can opt for the one which is best suitable for your needs. Opting for such software solutions would ensure you have full visibility of operations, reduce your fuel consumption, route optimization, and driver behavior monitoring, so that you save on both cost & time.

Automated Property Measurement Software 

One major area which has largely remained unchanged by technology in the landscaping industry is property measurements. Be it for maintenance jobs for huge commercial properties, or for HOAs, right now your account managers and estimators have to devote their valuable time in physically walking-off the property or manually drawing polygons online for measurement. This, of course, hampers their efficiency and leaves them with less time to focus on building customer relationships, site visits to check on work progress & future requirements, preparing accurate estimates and concentrating on their sales work. But not anymore! 

For the first time ever, now landscaping businesses have the ability to automate their property measurement process with Attentive’s property measurement software. The software solution gives you highly accurate property measurements, no matter how huge the property is or how complicated its features are.

The software will not only save time and manual effort, but also make your team more efficient since it leaves them with more selling time. The estimators get access to highly accurate property measurements, they get more time to prepare better estimates, therefore making them doubly productive. And what does this mean for your landscaping business? Of course, greater revenue potential!

But this is just the start of the automation revolution in the landscaping industry. Physical effort and labor is one of the major issues in this field, and there’s no reason why the processes cannot be simplified with the help of automation. It’s time your team focuses their efforts in other aspects of your landscaping business and replace physical effort with software solutions. After all, successful people not only work hard, they work smart!

PS: There’s so much buzz in the landscaping industry right now with respect to automation that we couldn’t cover it all in here! This is just part one of our series. Stay tuned to our blogs for the second part of this interesting series.

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