5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Automated Property Measurements

automated property measurements

Property measurements for commercial sites can be tough, especially considering the amount of effort involved. Luckily now that it’s the 21st century and we are living in the era of artificial intelligence; you are privy to automated property measurements! In only a few clicks, property measurements can be delivered to you within hours. So, if you have been manually measuring properties for your landscaping business, you should read on to learn about the benefits of automating your property measurements.  

Reason 1 – Your estimates need to be accurate

No matter which field, any kind of manual work has a high chance of human error. If you are bidding on landscaping contracts and you have measured the site manually, it is possible that your estimates are based on incorrect measurements which makes it very likely that you are underbidding or overbidding.  You simply cannot afford human error in measuring sites because it will mean potentially leaving out or losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Reason 2 – Your account managers deserve better

automated property measurement

Time is money. Each second your account managers spend manually measuring sites is a waste of time. An average account manager spends 8-10 hours every week measuring sites and this number increases dramatically during the peak season. Would you rather have them measuring sites all day or building relationships, looking for more opportunities, and upselling to existing customers? 

Reason 3 – Your estimators deserve better

Now you may be thinking that Reason 2 does not apply to your firm because you have a full-fledged estimating team that is supporting your account managers and measuring sites for them. Well, these estimators could focus on preparing accurate estimates as their primary role – not measuring sites. If they are overloaded with the measurement work (which they usually are, especially during peak season!), they will not be able to dot the “i”s or cross the “t”s on every site and that will lead to erroneous estimates – which is a failure of their primary role.

Reason 4 – Your team cannot manually measure sites on the go

Your team is constantly on the road, be it coordinating with the field staff or the facility managers. If they rely on manual tools like Goilawn or Google Earth to measure sites then drawing those polygons requires a dedicated workstation and dedicated time. Sites just cannot be measured in the car or on the site – via the old method but now with automated measurements, one can request take-offs from any portable device. You simply have to enter the address. The world is going mobile and so should you. 

Reason 5 – If you are still measuring sites physically, you are doing it all wrong

automated property measurements

Businesses that win in the landscaping industry are the ones that have learned how to run their business efficiently. Imagine spending all that fuel and manpower on measuring the site for a bid that you don’t even get? Automation and efficiency is the name of the game and if you are still measuring sites using physical site surveys, you are living in the stone age. If you want to stop living in the Flintstones era and quickly move to the Jetsons era, you deserve the best software available for it right here.

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